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  • The #1 online password hacker!

How to hack a Facebook password

Step 1: Get their Facebook account username
~ This is how to hack a Facebook password easily with our online Facebook hacker. Launched in 2015, we have offered our skills to the public to help them hack Facebook. Our site is completely anonymous and legal. First, you need to copy the website address of the account you want to hack.
Go to Facebook and go the user's profile page. At the top of your web browser, you will see the website address it should look something like ‘www.facebook.com/username’ or ‘www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=12345678’.

Step 2: Common passwords hack methods
~ We use various different ways to hack Facebook passwords. We use 5 stages of attempts, starting with the easiest and fastest. These are known as ‘bruteforce’ attempts. This basically works by trying vast combinations of passwords to see if any of them are correct. Anyone can do this, but of course it would take a very long time. Our system is built to try thousands of different passwords every second. By the end of the process, we have usually tried over a million different passwords. It is a mathematical certainty that bruteforce attempts will eventually get the correct one as there are only a set number of different letters and numbers the password could be. It is simply a matter of time, which is why more complex passwords take longer. We start by trying a list of the most commonly used passwords, which were compiled by security experts. For example: ‘123456’, ‘654321’, ‘password’, ‘qwerty’, ‘letmein’, ‘abc123’ etc.

Step 3: Complex passwords
~ If these common hack attempts do not work, then we proceed to stage 2. This involves trying every word from the dictionary as well as every person's name. People commonly use random words, their name or the name of a friend. To increase the probability we also add numbers to the end of each one and this is common practice too. If this fails, we move to stage 3, which begins to try every possible combination of letters and numbers – this will get acces to most Facebook passwords. If this still does not work, then stage 4 is the same method, but also adds in other complex characters such as symbols.

Step 4: Success or failure
~ If it failed, we are sorry, we are not able to get access to the account for you.
You can use our account hacker to hack most Facebook accounts (we have 73% success rate).
We hope you find our website useful and the process worked. Remember to be careful of other websites that require you to download software – they are usually scams or viruses, so be cautious!

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